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Elevate Employee Well-being with Commercial Water Solutions

It has been statistically proven that offices with a water cooler have healthier employees who perform their duties for longer periods than those offices that do not have a water cooler. Employees with fresh, cold water are less likely to reach for a sugary alternative.

Sugary drinks can lead to a sugar crash, affecting your staff’s performance. Drinking more water is directly linked to better brain activity and energising people throughout the day. Let Spring Water Direct help you ensure your staff perform at their best! Our machines are stylish and suit every professional setting, so you don’t have to worry about finding a discreet place for them in your office.

How It Works

Enjoy Fresh and On-Tap Water Delivery for Your Office

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We provide premium stainless steel coolers, but our water is compatible with most cooler machines already on the market.

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Hydrate your workplace today for only €24 for 3 drums. Our water is healthy and pure and has won multiple awards.

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We deliver free of charge to anywhere in Dublin. Text us your order & one working day later, it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Spring Water Machines

Use Less Electricity Than An Average Light Blub

Our Machines

Our Office Water Coolers

With a stylish chrome design, our machines blend nicely into the workplace. Made from a strong alloy, you can be sure our machines are made to last. Along with the cooler, we also have a duo hot & cold water machine available for commercial use.

Slick Design

Low Running Costs

Maintenance & Service

Dedicated Customer Manager

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Please consult our FAQs for information on how best to clean your machine.

Machine Maintenance

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Benefits of Spring Water

All Natural Taste

No Fluoride


Suitable For Low Sodium Diet

Soft Water

Low Calcium

Detoxifies Your Body

What Our Customers Say

My order arrived in a matter of days! John was very helpful in setting up the machine and answered all of my questions. Often times, water from our kitchen tap is warm and tastes of chemicals, which discourages the staff from drinking it. It’s great having fresh, cold water available in the office at a touch of a button.

Photo Coppiers Ireland

The machine looks very impressive in our office. Usually water coolers can be an eye sore but the chrome design helps us keep our business looking professional. Not only does the water taste great but the machine is easy to clean and cost effective to run. The machine is a constant reminder to drink more water.

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