Domestic Water Coolers
for Hydration at Home

Domestic Water Solutions

Premium Domestic Water Coolers for Everyday Enjoyment

Enjoy the peace of mind that your family drinks pure, safe water. You only have to text us, and we will deliver everything you need directly to your door. Give your family the goodness it deserves. Tap water is usually treated with chemicals so that it is considered drinkable and takes a while to run cold.

When your family is thirsty or needs refreshment, reaching for juices and fizzy drinks is convenient because they are stored in the fridge. Having a water cooler on hand means drinking water can be just as fun and efficient for the whole family. Our machines are not your typical plastic dispenser; they have a modern design and suit every household.

How It Works

Our Home Water Solutions in 3 Steps

Order A Machine

We provide premium stainless steel coolers, but our water is compatible with most cooler machines already on the market.

Book Your Water

Hydrate yourself today and order 3 drums of our spring water from €30 onward. Our water is healthy and pure and has won multiple awards. Price from €10 per bottle.

Receive Your Delivery

We deliver free of charge to anywhere in Dublin. Text us your order & one working day later, it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Domestic Special Offer

Water Cooler 60 Liters for €30

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Our Water Machines

Our Home Water Dispensers

With a stylish chrome design, our machines blend nicely into the household. Made from a strong alloy, you can be sure our machines are made to last. Our machines start from €200.

Slick Design

Low Running Costs


1.5 Meters High

Easy To Clean

Self Service

1 Year Warranty

Spring Water Machines

Use Less Electricity Than An Adverage Light Blub

Benefits of Spring Water

All Natural Taste

No Fluoride


Suitable For Low Sodium Diet

Soft Water

Low Calcium

Detoxifies Your Body

Machine Maintenance

Please consult our FAQs for information on how best to clean your machine.

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